Albert Electric Company

About Albert Electric

Richard Campbell, Founder of Albert Electric, has an extensive background in electrical engineering from aeronautical and aerospace industry spanning some 26 years. Bringing that experience and expertise to the electrical contracting industry, gives Albert Electric a unique opportunity to not only fulfill the general scope for electrical work, but adds the ability to install and repair a multitude of electronic systems.

If it has a wire hooked to it, Albert Electric can install, repair, or troubleshoot it. 

We are certified by the San Francisco Human Rights Commission as a Micro Local Business Enterprise (LBE #HEC011616651). Our work has been primary commercial/industrial retrofitting and repair but our ability goes beyond the common scope of electrical contractor:

  1. Automation
  2. PLC Programming
  3. Service Disconnects
  4. Consulting
  5. Fast Turn Around and Versatile
  6. Project Planning
  7. Leading Groups
  8. Detail Scheduling, Statusing, Process Oriented
  9. Electrical Design (Including Digital Circuits and Custom Circuit Boards)
  10. From Small Service Calls to Large Contracts

A Certified San Francisco Local Business Enterprise (CSLB-C10, C7, 968601)